Dave Quanbury is a Winnipeg-born, Austin-Texas-based songwriter, guitarist, and trumpet player. As a founding member of Twilight Hotel, he toured North America and Europe and received two Juno Award nominations for the band's 2008 album 'Highway Prayer,' and for their 2010 release 'When The Wolves Go Blind.'

By 2009, Quanbury was living in Austin Texas, Twilight Hotel was in the process of dissolving, and touring had taken its toll on his creative energy. He was invited to travel to New Orleans to help rebuild a flood-ravaged shotgun house. It was there that he came across a brass band playing music in the street and collecting tips in a cardboard box. Their infectious rhythms and joyful melodies would inspire a new direction for his music, and life. 

When he returned to Austin he channelled his creative energy into discovering his voice on the trumpet, and found a niche in the local brass scene as a member of the Minor Mishap Marching Band. In this 30-piece renegade marching band he discovered a new take on performing: dressing up, dancing, and cultivating a new stage persona with a trumpet instead of a guitar. Armed with fresh songs and positive energy, Dave produced 2014's "In the meantime let's attend to our pleasures." The record features sousaphone, french horn, trumpet, drums, and Dave on vocals and electric guitar, the new sound fused the swagger of New Orleans with Quanbury's distinctive moody guitar and celebrated songwriting. 

In 2014 Dave Quanbury relocated back to Winnipeg. He began writing a new batch of material inspired by loneliness, longing, and, of course, winter. The new material led to formation of The New Neighbors, a collaboration with singer and visual artist Jamie Wright, as well as veteran Winnipeg producer Michael P Falk of Head in the Sand Records. The New Neighbors perform Quanbury's work around Winnipeg and are currently in the studio working on a record. The move to Winnipeg also gave Quanbury the chance to began hosting a weekly show called "The Exile Files" on CKUW radio as well as contributing as a freelancer with CBC's national program DNTO.